Hello, Again! (Again!)

I know it’s been quiet all these past few weeks, across my blog, the podcast, and Discord. I promise it’s because I’ve been very, very productive. I seriously have about 10 posts that I’ve drafted about a raft of topics from student democracy and hackathons, to corporate storytelling and New Year’s resolutions.

It’s exams time here at Warwick, so I’ve been incredibly busy completing exercises and reading up in preparation for them. That being said, I’ve also been working on a few side projects (when do I not?) that I’m really excited about.

Firstly, another exciting episode of YASP is coming out today, featuring Yijun, where we talk Chinese traditional arts, origami and his unhealthy obsession with luxury paper.

Speaking of, you may have noticed that I’ve removed all the YASP content from my blog. All my old episodes of Yet Another Side Project are now on a dedicated site, at yasp.show. Catch all the new episodes at yasp.show/episodes!

Secondly. I’m also rebuilding a Chrome extension I made a few months ago in TypeScript, switching over some APIs documenting every step of the process. That’ll be up soon. (And I mean it this time!)

I’m also working on an npm package related to work stuff, so if anyone’s interested, I may post about how I forked that project and added TypeScript compatibility.

Finally, I’ve also picked up work on a manuscript for a book I started writing over a year ago. I can’t talk too much about it yet, but I’m really excited for it. I’ll definitely share more when I can!

To everyone who’s read this, I wish you well in your exams. I promise I’ll be back to regularly posting during the summer, documenting every escapade and Leo moment there is.